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Table Game Protection Seminar Washington State.

I will be holding two-day seminar on Card Counting, Advantage Play, Cost of Promotions, and Game Protection on November 29th and 30th at the brand new Four Points by Sheraton Seattle Airport South.  This seminar is designed with the Seattle Washington gaming industry in mind.  In addition to the standard game protection information, this seminar will have a greater amount of information regarding the game of baccarat and the cost of match play coupons.

The Two-Day Seminar

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this presentation; my two-day session known as “the Washington Table Game Protection Seminar”, covers a number of critical topics that every casino executive, and surveillance professional needs to be aware of and understand plus some new stuff!  The two-day seminar will cover the following material:

Understand Blackjack and Card Counting: We examine the reason why blackjack is vulnerable to counting, and why basic strategy is one of the most helpful tools in blackjack game protection.  During the session we establish different blackjack game’s mathematical house advantage, examine bet spread requirement, and learn the different indicators that will help the floor and surveillance personal to detect counting play.  In addition, we look at methods that can be used by surveillance or the floor to confirm or deny a player is counting cards.

Advantage Play:  Examine the different ways the advantage player attacks blackjack and other casino card games.  Understand why everyone’s game protection focus needs to shift away from card counting, and concentrate on different forms of advantage play which has been costing the casino most of the money that is lost.  This session will incorporate information on attacking baccarat and a number of the alternative games every casino has on their floor.  After attending this session you find a number of areas on your casino floor that are vulnerable to attack that you have never before though about.

Understanding the Cost of Coupons and Promotional Chips: Find out the cost of different table games promotions; information that allows the casino executive to determine whether a promotion is earning value or costing the casino a fortune.   Areas examined are; rule changes, value added promotions, the use of match play coupons and single play promotional chips, multi-play promotional chips, dead chip/rolling chip programs, and discounts on loses.  In addition, learn how to safely gauge a games range of risk based on the maximum table limits and game type.  This session may be the most important portion of the entire two-day seminar.

Game Protection: This session is supported by different videos and examples that show many forms of cheating in the casino today.  This session incorporates several of the newer techniques used to beat baccarat that involve electronic technology.  In the past year, millions have been lost in the game of baccarat and this situation seems to be getting worse instead of better.  This session is not a magic act; it illustrates cheating moves and the indicators that you need to know to protect your games.

The participants will come away with:

  • Better understand the game of blackjack and the importance of knowing basic strategy.
  • Learn the actual house advantage for your blackjack games including player error factor.
  • Better comprehend what count bet spread is needed to gain an advantage and how much per hour a professional card counter will theoretically win from the casino.
  • How to detect dealer and procedural weaknesses that are used by the advantage player to beat the casino.
  • Gain a basic understanding of the cost of table game promotions.
  • Learn how to calculate the mathematical cost of rule changes.
  • Be able to correctly calculate the costs associates with using coupons and promotional chips as “game starters”.
  • Learn how statistics plays an important role in gauging the risk range of higher limit players.
  • Understand the more common methods of cheating at all the casino games, including a number of more recent scams involving cameras and electronic devices.
  • Learn how to look for different indicators or signs of cheating so that the floor supervisor, game manager, or surveillance operator will be able to detect various forms of casino cheating.

Washington Game Protection Seminar in Des Moines Washington.  For more information and registration forms, please email me at The cost of attending this two-day seminar is $550 per person.  The seminar includes snacks and drinks, handouts, and a certificate of completion.  I’m looking to limit the seminar to the first 40 participants so please get your requests in soon.  The Four Points is located a short distance west of I-5, south of Seattle and north of Tacoma (  The times of the seminar will also take into consideration the traffic congestion problem (I’m thinking 10AM to 6PM).

Take care, good luck and I hope to see you in Washington the end of November!

Bill Zender
Bill Zender and Associates


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